Breathing New Life to Your Shed: 3 Shed Renovation Tips

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Spending too much of your time indoors can be bad for you, mainly if you chose to waste the previous year sitting idly and bingeing on Netflix. This is why it’s important to maintain hobbies while we’re still living an indoor lifestyle due to the quarantine.

Different people engage in various activities that can stimulate their creativity. This keeps them productive during the pandemic. Some people prefer to learn recipes and cook meals, while others are finally committing to an at-home workout routine. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough space in their home to engage in these hobbies. Thankfully, you can look at your existing spaces to convert them into a practical hobby space.

Breathing new life into your outdoor shed

Most homeowners use their outdoor shed as a storage space for holiday décor or general cleaning supplies. Since you’ll be spending way more time indoors for the next few months, it’s best to turn your plain old shed into something more practical for your benefit. Doing so will get you on your feet to engage in an activity that can improve your indoor lifestyle in the long-term

If you want to remodel your outdoor shed, here are three practical ways to breathe new life into it:

1. Give it a paint job and an overall makeover

A simple way to breathe new life to your outdoor shed is to give it a refreshing paint job. Besides making it more aesthetically pleasing, it also allows you to add more protection to your shed. Since most homeowners don’t spend too much time inside their outdoor shed, it has likely sustained damage from wear and tear. Before choosing your color options, it’s best to take a clean sweep of the area to assess if it needs repairs or replacements. Afterward, you can apply specialist paint products to reinforce your shed to reinforce water-resistance and other elements.

2. Expand your storage spaces

Most hobbies will require you to have a considerable amount of space to work with. This is necessary for hobbies like model kit building that require plenty of storage and shelf space. On the other hand, you may need a wider area to work around if you plan to store various types of gym equipment.

Thankfully, expanding your shed’s storage spaces is a lot easier than doing it in your home. Attaching shelves and cabinets is more straightforward and gives you plenty of room for do-overs. Additionally, you generally don’t need a building permit if you’re only extending your shed within your property’s limits.

3. Connect it to your electrical grid

If you want to make your shed more functional for your hobby, you can connect it to your home’s electrical grid. Doing so will expand your shed’s functionality and versatility, from having a singular lightbulb to being decked out with electrical gear. Since it’s disjointed from your home, you can create your own recording studio full of all the musical equipment you’ll need to listen to and play music. It can even be a personal gaming area you can enjoy by yourself or with your kids.


The global pandemic of COVID-19, which we thought would last a few months at most, is almost over a year old. Although mass vaccinations will help combat this biological threat, people will not likely return to “normal life” anytime soon. This is why it’s important to keep your mind and body engaged in productive activities beneficial to your indoor lifestyle.

Besides following the simple suggestions above, you can go ahead and build a brand new shed from scratch. At Shed Mechanics, you provide valuable resources where you can get shed foundation plans and tips on how to build a wood shed. Visit our blog today!